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The Most Stylish Dog Collars & Leads for Every Breed

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Dogs are intelligent, complex creatures who make wonderful companions. They need to be cared for just like any other companion - and this includes accessorising!

Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what kind of collar would suit them best? Have you ever wondered if maybe a bit more bling is just what the fashionistas have ordered? Is your pooch able to hold his head high at the dog park?

Our latest hot & hip collars and leads are perfect for dogs of all breeds – and any occasion!

Whether they're escorting you down the aisle or just having a casual stroll around the neighbourhood, our hottest styles will have your dog looking their very best. Whether it's a more traditional leather design or something with a bit of flair like the grey tweed collar, these accessories will make even picky dogs (and their owners) happy.

Let's take a look at some fantastic options that can accommodate any type of dog personality:

Show off your dog’s playful side and get them ready for a long day strutting down the sidewalk, through the park…and into Chelsea! Your dog will be the toast of the catwalk (dogwalk?) with this handsome but refined bright blue leather collar.

The quality of these collars has to be seen and felt! Once you buy a collar from our leather range, it will not be your last. For the fashion-conscious dog owner, we offer stylish collars for a beloved pet. They are designed to bring out your dog's playful side and keep them looking great while on their walkies! With this blue leather collar made from high-quality materials, you can't help but show off how much of an animal lover you really are!

So, you're looking for a little something to spiff up your pooch's wardrobe? Perhaps a whiff of Peaky-Blinder-esque glamour? Join the elegant gang of stylish dogs with this vintage-inspired tweed and leather collar.

Made in Yorkshire, England, with 100% premium leather by artisans and crafters, Mutts & Hounds knows how to make that dog look dapper…and just a little bit tough too. For the dog who demands top-drawer treatment, Mutts & Hounds offers a range of luxury goods for your four-legged friend.

Step your dog out from beneath that pile of leaves and make a fashion statement with this tweed collar, hand-crafted by artisans using 100% premium leather and quality metal buckles and fixtures! Show off that refined British flair while keeping it casual - just like we do over at 4 Paws.

Ok, it's not Gucci or Ralph Lauren; but it's a design classic!

Ruff & Tumble's Rope Clip Leads are perfect for the dog owner that's constantly on the go and doesn't want any fuss or bother. You could pop one in your bag or pocket, drive your van over it, dunk it in a ditch, leave it in the mud….and it'll be there for you when you need to restrain your dog regardless.

With a soft woven fabric, leather re-enforcing, brass clips and plenty of length, these easy-to-use, secure leads make handling your dog quick, easy, safe – and classically stylish! The soft fabric is durable and easy to use while being a traditional design that reflects your style. Their woven features allow the material to stay intact, regardless of how much wear and tear they endure – they can take chomps and taunts in stride.

With these sturdy leashes by your side, there's no need to worry about running into any obstacles – just grab them out from wherever you've stashed them (your pocket? Under the car seat? Back of the Barbour?) when needed and take control over this obedient pooch like never before!

Mutt's & Hounds really hits it out of the (dog) park with this one.

This is for one seriously stylish pooch – and is quite the dog walking tool. With a perfect blend of traditional tweed, premium leather and robust clips and fixtures, this accessory will elevate any ensemble. The fashion-forward design provides maximum versatility for urban or rural settings with chic, subtle style.

With superior fittings cast from solid brass and coated in nickel, this lightweight collar will be an impeccable accessory for years to come. The leather-textured tweed design has a classic look but a modern feel that stands up to wear and tear. Don't forget – tweed isn't just fashionable; it's incredibly tough and hard-wearing too…in fact, it gets better with age. Tweed really needs to look 'lived in'…and we're sure your hound can help!

With this collar, your pet is sure to make an ‘oooh la la’ style statement with every walk in the park.

The pink leather collar has an exquisite diamanté detailing on it and will look fantastic when your canine companion rocks the fashionable, chic look. Alongside turning heads, the collar features chrome-plated steel buckles and rings, reflecting the light almost as well as the diamante studs.

With this stunning collar, your pet will be sure to turn heads! The stylish design features brightly coloured, high-quality leather and is perfect for pulling off that trendy look while they enjoy their time outdoors with you!

The fabulous Pink Diamanté Leather Dog Collar from our Boutique is guaranteed to make a style statement on every walk through the neighbourhood or around town - just like any fashionista would want!

The sleek Greyhound is one of the swiftest canine breeds, but you can keep them safely, and suavely by your side with this hot green leather collar.

Made from soft and sturdy leather, this lightweight design won't put pressure or sore spots on those cute ears. It's tough enough to hold strong through his most energetic moments but gentle enough for everyday wear. If your Greyhound is always running away, then you need this bright green leather collar to keep him from getting too far.

The lightweight material makes it perfect for any occasion: whether he's going out in public with you or just running around outside playing fetch; if we make sure our dog stays safe at all times, then they'll always come back home happy as a clam.

4 Paws Boutique want every dog owner, and their pets, to have a superlative experience with us. We ensure that every product we sell is both durable and made for everyday use – for those walks around the block or those trips across town – and beyond. If you need help finding accessories like those above, or you think we’ve missed a cutting-edge product, let us know!

Our team is happy to answer any question you might have about caring for your canine companion in particular and animals in general.

What kind of collar does your dog wear?

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