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We offer a range of special services for your dog either as part of a Groom or Spa Treatment or as a separate service. 

Ultrasonic Teeth Clean

Ultrasonic Gentle

Teeth Cleaning

With Ultrasound teeth cleaning we can offer the most effective dental hygiene for your dog. Cleaning movement vibration or noise. Teeth cleaning removes tartar and stains, freshens breath and is anti-bacterial with no harmful side effects. 



dog facial scrub

Spa Facial Scrub

This can be added to any groom. A natural exfoliator made from oatmeal and blueberry, helping to remove dirt and tear stains, to cleanse and balance. A relaxing head massage is included to complete this gentle treatment.



dog nail clip

Nail Clip

We offer a nail clip for your dog for just £5! An appointments isn't usually necessary and we can carry it out while you wait.



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