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On Our Radar – Pet Products For Autumn

The cooler months of autumn are upon us (!?!), which means it is time to start gearing up for winter. With the weather changing, bringing us all the autumn vibes (hello, sweater weather!), we like to get ahead of the needs of our furry friends, who might be getting less excited to get out of the house for their daily exercises...but probably more excited to come home again!

Whether it be rain, wind or a milder 'Indian summer' – because, let's face it, we all wish for that in the UK, especially this year – prepping in advance could never hurt. Hence why we rounded up our top 5, not just autumn proof, but extra luxurious pet products for your fuzzy companion.

This super-soft bed is one of the most popular high sided beds in the Tigga Tower collection. Snug and big enough for a long afternoon nap & stretch! Plus, they're made from high-quality materials, which means they will last longer than most other types of luxury pet bedding. There are even some ‘high-tech’ design features – non-looped fabric to stop claws being caught and reduce dirt build-up, along with a ‘machine washable’ design – to stop filling moving and prevent ‘lumpiness’.

With an intensely British style (and why not), these highly functional and waterproof solutions, are also quilted for warmth, perfect for those chilly walks with your pup. Now your dog will never need to shake off again because they'll always be snug as a bug in their own little blanket! Available in a wide variety of sizes and fabrics – you just have to check them out!

Another Tigga Towers long-time favourite is this luxury pet cushion which is perfect for making your home feel more like the Ritz Carlton for your dog or cat while also offering practical, ‘easy care’ options for washing and durability. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so there's one to suit any room (or all the rooms!)

Cats, being entirely too sensible to go out in inclement weather, don’t need this type of gear – but your intrepid pooch does! Make those infamous wet doggy hugs a thing of the past with Ruff & Tumble. Known as the ‘ultimate dog drying coat’ - and for very good reason! This innovative drying coat is made out of durable, two layers of absorbent towelling material that helps to get your dog back up and ready for more love/less muck in no time. Just fasten it under your dog's belly and adjust the collar - it'll dry them in minutes! And keep floors, carpets, couches, and beds cleaner and drier.

If you value your little one, you need the best. And we deliver that with our velvet crush dog bed in a big way! Made from durable but soft fabric and featuring a lower loft for extreme comfort, this is the perfect place to sleep - day or night. These are the best dog beds in town; your beloved pup deserves a good night sleep, after all! Whether you want something with comfort and support or luxury and style, we have what you're looking for. Our Ebony Crushed Velvet dog beds are handmade by expert craftspeople using premium crushed velvet which provides a soft touch while still being durable - perfect for your canine friend.

The season of beautiful leaves and crisp air is a joy for all, but it can really take its toll on your pet. We hope that our deluxe range of products are the perfect way to spoil them with their own little luxuries. It was a hard decision, but we think these pieces will make any animal feel like royalty - if you need help picking one out just get in touch with us!

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Chris Gregory
Chris Gregory
2023년 6월 01일

We had a visit from 4paws groomers today and our two mini poodles are absolutely beautiful we will be making future appointments ,the service was second to none i cannot thank you enough for the care shown to our girls ; J Gregory, Epsom

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